Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memories of Gladness

When I think back over the years of my dad every memory I have is a good memory. I may not, at the time, loved the drives, or as dad would say; "Let's go drive the loop" but as I think back I can recall the yellow station wagon and all of us climbing in. I remember all the boys sitting backwards in the back and dad finally saying; "NO ONE can touch anyone", I can even think of the music that was playing and have installed some of it on my IPod. I always liked the trips to Swan Valley for square ice-cream cones. The Sunday drives to visit the great grandparents and grandparents, and because of that I was able to have a close relationship with them. I remember burning the weeds at Grandma Moss's house. Running to Ririe to feed the horses and always stopping at the Maverick for a treat. I loved walking home from school and stopping in to see dad at work with my friends and knowing that he would always be willing to take the time to visit. I remember when he was working on an especially difficult case he would always turn to the scriptures. I always admired him for that, they were always open on his desk, and he always told me you can find the answers to any question in life if you ask the Lord and turn to the scriptures.

I have always been able to go to my dad when I had a problem, he never judged or looked down on me. He always made me feel comfortable when I had a problem, I knew I could immediately go to him, I knew he wouldn't make it better but that I could count on his counsel. I have always known I could talk to my dad about anything, and I have found comfort and peace in that.

When I was young I remember that I loved to have my dad rock my every night before bed and I loved to sing with him, my dad has an incredible voice, every night before bed we would sing, "The Fox"
The fox went out on a hungry flight,
He begged the moon to afford him a light,
for he had many miles to travel that night,
before he reached his den-o.
Down in the hen yard the old fox crept.
He grabbed the gray goose around the neck,
and the black duck cried out
quack, quack, quack,
and her legs hang dangling down-o.
Ol' Miss Slipper Slopper jumped out of bed.
Out of the window she popped her head.
She cried Jon, Jon, the gray goose is gone,
and the fox is off to his den-o.
Jon ran up to the top of the hill,
he blew a blast both loud and shrill.
Well I never heard a better tune in all my life,
but I gotta get back to my den-o.
Back there at the foxes den,
the dear little foxes 8, 9, 10.
They never ate a better goose in all my life,
and the little ones picked the bones-o.
I Love my dad. My dad didn't tell me how to live, he lived and let me watch him do it. I wish him a truly happy Father's Day and I will love him forever. I am so eternally grateful for forever families and that I have my dad as part of my forever family. I have a testimony that Christ lives and loves us, that those experiences we go through in this life our for our own good and will give us experience. Dad, I love you, Tin


Kristina P. said...

This is such a beautiful post. I love my dad, but we aren't super, duper close.

Murray Family said...

I loved this. Know that we are thinking about your family and praying for you.

Cherie said...

I know you know you are blessed but I wish I could tell you just how much.
The question at the top of your blog applies to me.
I was not raised in a family like you. My "real" dad was an adulterer and my mom just plain crazy (seriously). We moved 16 times while I was growing up and I went to 14 different schools for various reasons. My mom was also married 6 times.
Her 3rd marraige was to an LDS man - it only lasted 6 years but in that time this good man legally adopted my brothers and myself and is still our only anchor to normal - we also gained the gospel. He gave us something steady in a world that was continually tumultuous and for that I will always be in his debt.
My mom continues to be hard to deal with, though she is trying but she will never be a role model or someone to learn from. We just try to help her.
I am floored at times that I made it through all I did but I decided that I was not going to have a life like that and have done everything about as opposite as I could resulting in a happy life and happy children and a good marraige for which I am eternally grateful.
This is probably more than you were expecting from a comment on your blog but I just want everyone who has normal families to know how good they had it growing up and how much I wish I could have grown up like that too! If you have good parents, then of course you want to be like them. But there really are bad, bad parents out there.
God Bless!

Just US said...

Your Dad will be missed. Thinking of you and your family.