Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't text and Drive

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I decided to join Oprah's "No Phone Zone." I have seen so many heart breaking stories on the news about accidents that could have been avoided if the driver would have just not been talking on their phone or texting. I tell my daughter she will not be talking on her phone when she gets her licence, so why should I be allowed to also. I have been in the car with people who are texting when driving and it makes me very nervous, and can understand why accidents can happen. I have to admit that several years ago I was in a near fatal car accident, I took my eyes off of the road a moment to put a CD in and rolled my car three times, the only reason I am here to tell you about it is my seat belt. Talking on a phone, texting taking your eyes off the road a minute can mean your life.

I am choosing to do this to save my life and the lives of others.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As most of you know that follow my blog I love cooking. I have two blogs and am going to host a giveway. I will be giving away a cookbook filled with recipes collected over the years by family and friends and put together by myself with much love. The book is copyrighted and I don't mind if you share the recipes but please don't copy them.

Here are the rules:

~1 You must become a follower of my blog, either shig and tin or Stomach to the Heart, when on or the other blog reaches 25 followers, a winner will be announced. If either blog reaches 50 followers an added bonus will be added to the prize (believe me it will be worth it)

~2 Like my friend on Facebook

~3 Follow me on Twitter

~4 Let your friends know so everyone can get into the fun, and help get the numbers up. I promise a great cookbook and you will love it, i will customize colors to your liking. Hope everyone will join in the fun, enter as many times as you want.

~5 leave a comment about what you did, with your email address and blog, I would love to follow you back.

Hope everyone is having a great fall....good luck and have fun.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


My baby girl is going to Homecoming. The place where they dress up fancy and do their hair all cute and wear cute jewelry and have fun shoes on and dance with BOYS! I am feeling some chest pains, I am hoping it is from the chicken I ate earlier and will go away with a few Rolaids. I will have to post some pictures when she is all gussied up and looking cute.

It will turn out okay, I am sure all mothers go through this when their first child goes on their first dance. She has just grown up way too fast.