Thursday, September 24, 2009

9/19/1919...A Great Day to be born

Grandma Johnson (or Grandma J as we refer to her) turned 90 on Saturday. I would love to be able to list 90 things I love about my grandma, and believe me I could but by the time I got half way through the post most of you would be bored and never read my blog again.

So I will go with 9...

1. She is the most amazing woman I know.

2. No matter where you go with her she always runs into someone either she knows or who know her.

3. She has a very positive attitude and doesn't let things get her down, no matter what the circumstances are.

4. She adores her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

5. She has spirit and spunk and I hope I can have half as much as she does when I am her age.

6. She is the most beautiful woman I know.

7. She still does service.

8. She isn't afraid of what people think about her, and she never has been. She is always honest about who and what she stand for.

9. She has a very strong testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ and she isn't afraid to share it with others.

I can think of no better compliment than for someone to tell me that I remind them of Flora Johnson. I look to her and try to be like her. She is and always will be one of the most amazing woman I know. And she raised a strong woman, my mother who has gone on the raise strong women.

I love you grandma.....


Vern said...

she sounds awesome!

Carbondale Relief Society said...

What a nice tribute. And what a cute picture of you two in your coordinating outfits! I'm SO sad that we missed the bit 90th celebration. Hope it was a BIG success. Glad to see a blog update! Love you!

Jake, Mandi & Kempton said...

Oops! That last message was from us. (In case you didn't already figure that out...)

Andrea (Annie) said...

I just bumped in to you Grandma at Wal Mart the other day and she gave me a big hug. She was with Manda. Your dear Grandmother is darling!