Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28th

Wedding colors..Peach, and Emerald Green, Kristin a little late for the Temple, Shane weighed in at 135. The wrong wedding cake, I married into a great family with my husbands parents as old as my grandparents, and his oldest brother just a little younger than my parents. I became an instant aunt, with one niece older than me. We have been married today for 19 years and they get better each and every year.

We share this day with some amazing people. One of them is my brother Jonny. He turns 33 today. I remember him on our wedding day. He got a birthday cake, we sang Happy Birthday to him, but I am sure that at 14 he felt a little disappointed that it wasn't his day. It is also Shane's mothers birthday she also received a cake and a song at the same time during our wedding luncheon.

We also share the day with my great-grandparents. They were married the same day. I wish I knew how many years they would be celebrating today, but I am excited to know that they are married for eternity and that today they are are happy and together forever.

Shane is a great father and husband, he is patient and believe me he needs to be with me. I tend to speak my mind and do it often. We have been through a lot in our 19 years, but we have amazing things to show for it. I believe the best is our daughter. I am grateful to be sealed for eternity in the temple to my husband and daughter. I am so thankful for Heavenly Father's plan for his children, and for the opportunity that I have to be with my family forever.


Jake, Mandi & Kempton said...

Happy 19 years! This month is full of celebrations, eh? And speaking of celebrations, will we be seeing you guys for Christmas this year? I certainly hope so!

Liz said...

Wow...19 years. That deserves a big CONGRATS!! I remember when you were just dating and hearing Shanes white deisel Tornado heading up Harvard Ave.