Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Nephew Cole

My nephew Cole is 3 years old. The thing that makes him different than most 3 year olds his age is that he LOVES superheroes, and crayola crayons, and when it comes to coloring his superheroes, and he defiantly knows the difference between the red spiderman and the black spiderman and he is very specific about what colors they should be. 
Recently in nursery he was asked a very specific question about Jesus Christ, he was asked whether or not Jesus was a superhero.
The teacher couldn't see his face, but noticed the long pause. The teacher then explained that Jesus is her hero because he fights for good. She asked what color he thought Jesus should wear. After another long pause, she pointed to the pictures on the wall of Jesus wearing white robes.
"White?" The teacher heard him ask. "Jesus should wear red," he said.

This is just part of the reason I love children. I have the opportunity to be with them each Sunday in the nursery. I believe they are our future leaders and truly teach me more than I teach them.

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Liz said...

Cute story about little Coley...that is pretty cool. Hey we are thinking about coming out July 3-8ish....Does that work for you guys. It looks like that is the time that works for us and The Dickemore's....