Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As most of you know that follow my blog I love cooking. I have two blogs and am going to host a giveway. I will be giving away a cookbook filled with recipes collected over the years by family and friends and put together by myself with much love. The book is copyrighted and I don't mind if you share the recipes but please don't copy them.

Here are the rules:

~1 You must become a follower of my blog, either shig and tin or Stomach to the Heart, when on or the other blog reaches 25 followers, a winner will be announced. If either blog reaches 50 followers an added bonus will be added to the prize (believe me it will be worth it)

~2 Like my friend on Facebook

~3 Follow me on Twitter

~4 Let your friends know so everyone can get into the fun, and help get the numbers up. I promise a great cookbook and you will love it, i will customize colors to your liking. Hope everyone will join in the fun, enter as many times as you want.

~5 leave a comment about what you did, with your email address and blog, I would love to follow you back.

Hope everyone is having a great fall....good luck and have fun.



Kristina P. said...

OK, I don't officially Follow anyone, but I Follow you in my Reader and love you!!

Holly said...

Ir's TRUE, Kristina FOLLOWS EVERYONE!! She is the most "unofficial" FOLLOWER she could be! LOL!! I don't know HOW she gets around as much as she does! Hahaha!

OK, so I FOLLOW both your blogs. ;D

You need to link "your friend" so people know who to go check out. ;D

Put you @____ so we can follow you on Twitter.

Foe it need to be a separate comment for each thing we do?

Is it OK to share a recipe we try and love if we credit and link back to your cooking blog? Just clarifying. ;D

I will put a shout out on my cooking blog. ;D


The Paper Princess said...

Hi Tin

Thanks for joining me at Create With Joy! I am following you back and would appreciate an entry into the cookbook drawing!

Have a great weekend!