Friday, December 18, 2009

A Blue Christmas

We are having a Blue Christmas at our house. Our tree is finally up. The decorations are out. The Christmas music is playing. The piano students are giddily playing Christmas songs. We have even been to Makaila's Christmas orchestra concert. But sadly Johnny Mathis is missing. I do have the C.D. case, I however do not have the C.D.
I can remember as a child laying on the couch and listening to the record over and over until I was worried it would wear out. I can sing each song word for word. I know how long to hold each and every note. When to come in on each song, and if I hear just a few notes I know it is a Johnny Mathis, Christmas song. I must say I feel like a child who just had his bike stolen. I am still holding out some hope. I am giving it until maybe tomorrow and then I might have to get another one. I feel all sad inside knowing that case is empty.

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Cherie said...

Hi I noticed that you visit my blog sometimes :D So today I am visiting you and whoa do we have alot in common!

I have to tell you that this Johnny Mathis Album has been and still is my favorite since I have been a child. I still play it every Christmas!

Glad to know someone else loves the best!!