Thursday, May 13, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

I am not sure where to begin, I guess I will start with the biggest news. I am going back to school. I know what you are thinking......she's crazy, she's lost her mind, at her age? It is something I have always wanted to do but never had the courage to try. I am not getting any younger and the brain cells are just getting older. I am going to study Nutrition Science and hope to decide in a year what to do with it. I am thinking right now that I will settle on becoming a Nutritionist. Shig is a little worried, he keeps asking me if I am going to make him eat healthy.

Grandma J. had a small stroke, she is doing great for a feisty 90 year old, I can only hope to be doing as well as her at her age she spent about 2 weeks in the hospital and is home again with the help of a walker. Dad had a small setback with his cancer, he had to have some surgery on his cheek but he is also home again and we hope he can now regain his strength. He has decided to discontinue chemo, and has undergone two weeks of radiation. We are hopeful his eyesight will get better. Mom found out she has cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetes, she is feeling a little overwhelmed but all in all is her cheerful happy self. I will be heading home for a visit for around two weeks to help out and just to make myself feel better.

I am also starting a new blog, I love to cook and decided that I would start a blog full of my favorite recipe's. I almost have it ready to go so I hope you will all check it out when it is up and running.

I colored my hair and I am very excited to visit my sister-in-law so she can fix it. So Kristin's advice for the day, don't color your own hair unless you know what you are doing, because it can turn out copper.


Kristina P. said...

I think it's great you are going back! I think you are never too old.

Cherie said...

Oh man sorry about the copper hair. I think I have done that before. Now to cover the icky gray I color it dark and then my hairdresser puts in highlights and cuts it. Perfect.

Congrats on your decision to go back to school. I think that will be fun - I have started back a few times over the years but it was too hard to keep up with when I had so many little ones running around. I think I would do better now. My hat is off to you!

I look forward to your cooking blog!

Jake, Mandi & Kempton said...

Lots of news!! Hooray for back to school! Boo for bad hair colorings (I've never been so bold as to color my own, but it doesn't mean I've avoided the "copper" tone.)

Jake and I are also very anxious to get 'home' to help out and feel better about everything that's going on with the health setbacks. Now we can add an excitement for getting to see you!