Sunday, January 3, 2010


When being asked last year what my New Year's resolutions was going to be, it didn't take long for me to answer. I have thought long and hard about mine for several month's.

Let's be honest, I have tried exercise, dieting, being kind to truckers and people who drive to slow and trying to quit eating chocolate and 100% Visiting Teaching and have failed at all of them. So I have tried something I think I can do. I am going to follow in the footsteps of someone I admire greatly, my Savior and my Mom. I am going to do more service.

I saw this picture on a blog I follow and was deeply touched at what I saw. We all have moments similar to this, we feel we are alone when no one is around or cares, but their is still one person at our side watching over us and helping us through our deepest, darkest hour.

I am so grateful to those who have helped me get through all those times when I didn't think their was a light at the end of the tunnel. You have helped me more than I will ever be able to repay.

I know Christ lives....May you all have a wonderful and spontaneous New Year!

The picture is called "Gethsemane" and is by "Adam Abram"
thanks Bakow Babble

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