Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Real" Housewifes..

I have gotten interested in the show the "Real Housewifes Series". Call me crazy, but this is not my idea of a "real" housewife.  I must say I get a kick out of watching the show. I think to be a house wife you need to 1. be married , 2. have a personality, 3.  be kind
I would like to put together my own show, it would be full of real women,  LaRae Moss, Tauna Egan, Janice Nestman, Kay Baker, and Karren Garrett. Believe me this would get much higher ratings that what they have on TV now.  


Jake, Mandi & Kempton said...

I haven't heard of or seen this show, but if the picture is any indication I would agree that they are a bit misled on the title of housewife. Your lineup definitely would make for an interesting show!

Lindsay said...

Totally not real, but kind of entertaining. I am a bit embarrassed by the fact that I do watch on occasion. If it were your pick of housewives though, I would be sure to watch religously.

Liz said...

I have seen that show...those ladies are crazy and in need of make-up and fashion makeUNDERS. I think Grandma J have a guest spot in your show idea.

The Garden of Egan said...

Your mom told me that you had said I was a REAL housewife so I had to come and check it out.
I haven't ever watched the show, but I'm tellin' ya....Larae and I are the REAL DEAL! It doesn't get better than us two. In fact, if it weren't for us, Brent and Howie would be bored to tears cause we're so darn entertainin'
Ya, give CBS, NBC or whoever the heck is producin' the show and send them our way...I could use some cash and a new wardrobe.

Kathy said...

I can not tell a lie..... I am HOOOOOKED on Desperate Housewives! It's of course completely unrealistic but it's so funny!